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Sorry about the shouting, but I'm deliriously happy...
The postal service just delivered an Easter gift to my box: the first volume of the six-book series of interviews with cast and creators of Babylon5. In short, a look at the creation of this epic show during the 5 years of its production.

This would be a wonderful find in itself (and again thanks to the Babylonian friend who pointed me to it just in time to get a substantial discount on the issue...), but there is MORE.

Because included in the volume is a CD containing a 1997 interview with Peter Jurasik (Londo) and Andreas Katsulas (G'Kar).
That is some TREAT, oh boy, if it is...

Still flailing here...

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Or, to quote Kosh: "And so it begins..."

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I'm very, very happy about the positive feedback I received about the shared rewatch!
Good things are made to be enjoyed in good company, so... let's dive straight in.



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For quite some time I have been thinking about a complete rewatch of one of my favorite shows, Babylon5.

I call it one of the two pillars on which my televised sci-fi addiction rests, the other being Farscape. The two shows are quite different in theme and development, and also belong to different – although almost overlapping – times. But what they share is what attracts me to them: a great original concept, great writing, stellar acting and a compelling story-arc. If asked to define what's the difference between them, I'd say that Farscape appeals to my emotions while Babylon5 appeals to my rational side, although it would be a gross oversimplification on my part.

Both shows balance quite well the two sides of the equation, but while Farscape is mostly an emotional rollercoaster, exploring the reactions of sentient beings to the trials facing them, Babylon5 builds over the course of time a complex tapestry in which politics and individual agendas play interweaving roles.

It has been said time and again that B5 could be performed as a stage play, since it's built more on dialogue (and what dialogue!!) than action, and it explores many philosophical themes. It's also been conceived like a novel and sometimes it reads as that, with the slow buildup of clues and the subdivision in the five parts of its seasons, each with a different theme.

All this long-winded and boring premise      to arrive at the BIG question: would you be interested if I shared with you my musings as I walk once more through this complex story? Since I'm enjoying a great deal our discussions during the Farscape rewatch chats, I thought it would be interesting to... share the wonders of Babylon5 with old and (hopefully!) new viewers while I do that.

What do you think?


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