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First entry:  All alone in the night

As he called up another wormhole, to Chiana's gleeful appreciation, John Crichton saw that something was wrong: a host of ships came out of the blue funnel and a determined voice called out: "This is Ambassador Delenn of the Minbari. If you value your lives, be somewhere else!"
Ooops!! Wrong number again, John!!

Second entry: Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are in My Neck

When Aeryn presented John with a home video system for Christmas little did she know about his peculiar taste in movies...  So, when next Halloween he chose a movie that would be "Just perfect for the evening, babe!", neither of them was prepared for the blood-curling effect it would have on the Radiant Aeryn Sun....

Third Entry: One Dominar to rule them all...

Rygel could never resist the lure of treasure: gold, jewels, precious stones - he never had enough, loved to run his small fingers through his hoard.    Then, one day, he saw IT: beautiful beyond belief, the shiny gold calling out to him.  So Rygel took it, running away from the dank cave, oblivious to the screams of "Thievesssss!!!" hunting him down the dark tunnel.

Fourth Entry: You can't take the pants from me!

Serenity's engine gave up the ghost around Dam-ba-Da, the repairs beyond Kaylee's amazing touch. At Zoe's prompting, Captain Reynolds contacted the local mechanical wizard, unaware of the woman's shady record.
But his previous dealings with scoundrels and crooks had not prepared him for Furlow's outrageous prices: in the end, she even took the pants off him...


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