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I've been away from here for some time - and I have a lot to catch up to - but I'd like to celebrate this with a gift to all of you who supported me along this incredible journey that started almost three (!!!) years ago, on July 2008.

Without your support, encouragement and kind and generous words I would not have made it this far, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being there, egging me on ;)

That's why I decided to collect all the 34 individual stories in Aeryn's Journey in a single file, and since I love eye candy, I've added a few screenshots.  Hope you enjoy them.

You can downlad the file

**collective hug**
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After a serious debate with myself, I've decided to trash what I've written until now and start over. Because I don't like it, and it's useless to go on with something you hate because it's not what you expected it to be.

So... a new page.  This will mean that my already vanishing chances of making the goal have just now gone up in flames, but somehow I feel better, not worse.

I'm not trashing everything, of course.
Some of the characters are staying, and some situations as well, but the story is undergoing a massive re-write and, more important, a massive re-think.

Since I'm an optimist at heart (or suffering from the Pollyanna Syndrome...) I see this not so much as a failure in the NaNo challenge, but as a learning experience. And these are always valuable.

I've learned what I don't want this story to be. And I've learned that I intend to write it, no matter how much time it takes.

And who knows? Someday I might even be able to run to the finish line, because if there's no NaNo today, there will be NaNo tomorrow. There's always a NaNo tomorrow...
(with many apologies to Susan Ivanova and the whole B5 universe for the mangled quote...)


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