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A fun landcomm for TV addicts!  Come and join the madness!

Find us HERE

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My first meme!

Copied from [livejournal.com profile] john_scorpy and from [livejournal.com profile] ghanimasun

Pick 5 TV Shows you like before reading the questions.

1 Firefly

2 Babylon 5

3 Fringe

4 Farscape

5 Game of Thrones

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This weekend I finally went to see this movie, one I'd been expecting since reading Suzanne Collin's trilogy. And I wasn't disappointed.  The world I'd come to know from the books came alive before my eyes, as did the characters, and soon I found myself reacting to the story as if I ignored how it progressed – which means that the pace and tension were well calibrated.   It felt as if the creators had been reading my mind, there was no jarring sensation brought by differences between the imagined and the filmed.  So I'd rate the experience a very positive one indeed.

Since seeing the movie, though, I have been thinking about the power of television, and the way it can change our approach to the outside world: in the Hunger Games' dystopian society the public (at least in the Capitol) seems to focus on the event itself rather than its cruel implications.  To enjoy the bloody sport of pitching human beings against each other.  Contemporary spectators shudder at such unthinking cruelty, automatically condemning it – but are we really that different from the Capitol's jaded viewers?

What I mean is that – far from relishing other people's gory deaths – TV, and reality shows, seem to have inured us to pain and suffering, the medium of the screen giving the images a sort of remoteness that places real blood on the same level as a movie's special effects.

On TV there are many so-called reality programs that show footage of terrible accidents, or massive catastrophes: what shocks me, every time I happen to stumble on one of them, is that the horror of what is happening on screen is filtered through the lens of sensationalism, the need to present what is essentially a tragedy as something spectacular. To stress the entertainment value of the images, diminishing – or worse, ignoring – the human factors involved.

Which means that given the... proper direction probably we wouldn't react so differently from the Capitol citizens if, over a given period of time, we were to be presented with sacrificial victims as they have in Ms. Collins' fictional universe, if the spotlights were focused on the entertainment value of the proceedings, distracting us from its implications and consequences. 

And it's not a comforting thought.

What do you think?

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What do you mean you've never watched Farscape???
Where have you been all these years?  Maybe marooned on a deserted island, or adrift on a raft on the ocean, or mesmerized in front of the tv watching (ewwwww...) reality shows? 

Ok, no panic. Take those shiny DVDs, put them in the reader and START WATCHING!

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To the CIA Covert Operations Manager

CIA Headquarters

Langley, Virginia

RE: C.V. submission

Dear Sir,

I have been informed through your IASA liaison officer that there are available openings in your Covert Operations Department.

Being highly suited to such a post, I would like to submit my C.V. to your personal attention: since being marooned on your planet I have found myself in need of employment and your outfit is the only one where my training and inclinations can be put to valuable use.

As my contact and sponsor Mr. T.R. Holt may have already told you, I was trained by Peacekeeper High Command for exactly this kind of work, and in my talks with him I have come to the conclusion that we can reach a mutually satisfying arrangement.

I thank you for your kind attention and look forward to your further news.

Officer Jenavian Chatto

Former PK Disruptor

Email address: j.chatto@yahoo.com

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So... I did it again!  After months and months in the making (I'm *so* slow in assembling vids, and lazy too), here is my new homage to my beloved Farscape.  I hope you enjoy it!


You can download it HERE
or watch it on YOUTUBE

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How do I hate thee?  Let me count the ways….

Intriguing challenge this one: we always find new sides to explore in the characters we love, but I think we never really gave much thought
to  those we hate.  Well, let’s get to it!

In growing order of dislike, the Nymeria Productions Inc. is proud to present….

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Fun, fun, fun...   I'm SO enjoying playing with images!

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When I read the parameters of this challenge I decided that I would try to walk outside of my usual… beaten paths,
so I chose a character that I never dealt with before. It was an… interesting journey.


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