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How do I hate thee?  Let me count the ways….

Intriguing challenge this one: we always find new sides to explore in the characters we love, but I think we never really gave much thought
to  those we hate.  Well, let’s get to it!

In growing order of dislike, the Nymeria Productions Inc. is proud to present….

1. The blue alien robbers/would-be-arsonists from “I Yensch, You Yensch”


Why do I hate them? First, because they look like rats – and I hate rats. And second, because they are *stupid*.  Even a fool with half a
brain would have turned back and fled into the night when he saw a complement of Peacekeepers on the premises.  But no. The two
idiots did not just stay, they concocted an impromptu plan to turn the arson into a hostage-and-ransom scenario.

The only redeeming quality I can find in these two morons is that they opened the way  to some great Rygel action (go, Dominar!) and
an equally  great short-term alliance between the Hynerian and Scorpius.  Which makes me think that the galaxy would be a far more
dangerous place if those  two were allies for good….

How would I kill them?  Well, death would be too merciful for them, so I would like to put them into a maze (like the rats they are),
where they  would be condemned to run and perform under the strict supervision of a cruel and (of course) mad scientist.

Not that they would learn anything, of course….


2. Sjerjna and Mu-Quillus, from “Meltdown”


Of course I hate them!

For starters, they steal precious screen time from the goings-on between John and Aeryn while they are intoxicated by drexim.  Who
cares about an undead, pale-faced lady in distress and an ember-faced evil alien, when there are some much more interesting scenes
to watch?   At that point, we had been waiting for two and a half seasons to see some serious action between our star-crossed lovers,
so forgive me if I can’t stand these  two interlopers!

Then there is the matter of who or what they are.

If on one side I can sympathize with Sjerjna’s plight, her desire to be with real people again, to live again (except she’s dead and  that’s
a little, tiny bit impossible, of course), on the other that lady is a massive whiner!

Her wails grate on my nerves and the constant “oh, please, save me!” expression she wears on her face makes me want to slap her. 
Am I being evil? Yes, but who cares?   *snickers*

Mu-Quillus is far worse. Far, far worse. Because he is a killer of Leviathans.

And that, in my book, is the utmost sin. There should be a special hell for those who hurt these wonderful creatures, and in it a special
place for people who do it for business and economic reasons, like Mu-Quillus.

Since Sjerjna was already dead, thinking about something nasty for her would be overkill (no pun intended…), but for Mu-Quillus… ah! 
I would  love for him to be beaten to death by a host of Pilots. And since he fears the cold, the Pilots should use big icicles to do that.

((insert evil laugh))


3. R. Wilson Monroe, from “A Constellation of Doubt”.


We know that the so-called “gentlemen of the press” are more often than not everything BUT gentlemen, especially when they work for
TV and are ready and willing to do anything for audience and ratings and all that yotz.

This particular anchorman’s sins are pretty nasty.

He created a program that put a disquieting spin on the arrival of the Moyans on Earth, playing on people’s unconscious fears of the
unknown just to get a few more shares in audience.

He found some evil-minded guest stars (ewwww….) that helped him drive his point home and – worse still – he used young Bobby
Coleman’s home-made vids of the visit to twist situations and sentences all out of their original meaning, by operating a careful and
evil cutting-room job on them.

He had no qualms in interviewing that poor, crazed sheriff from “Kansas” and using him in a very callous way, for Cholak’s sake!

But his worst deed – ever – was the way he grilled the incomparable Officer Aeryn Sun in a direct interview.  For that alone he should
be sent straight to the Hague Court for Human Rights, and put to trial.  What?  Officer Sun is not technically a Human? 
That’s a bit xenophobic, isn’t it?


As for how I would like to see Mr. Wilson Monroe punished for his evildoing, I think he should be relegated to hosting kids’
programs only – the Teletubbies or something similar.   For as long as he lives.  Hell, yeah!

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